The following guidelines help maintain a safe space in order to be able to use and learn Toki Pona.

lipu #lawa li ken e awen pona pi ma pona.

1️⃣ Be respectful and considerate of other members.

Stay aware of the power of your words. Any bigotry, hateful ideologies, and slurs are strictly unwelcome. This includes homophobia, transphobia, fascism, etc.

o pona tawa jan kulupu ale. o sona e wawa pi toki sina. nasin ike en nimi ike o lon ala.

2️⃣ Enjoy the community, but steer away from heated debates or arguments, remaining respectful and conscious.

This includes aggression, speaking over others, personal insults, calls to death or violence, etc. Moderators may break up escalated arguments.

kulupu ni la o musi. taso, o utala ala, o awen sona, o awen pona. sama la, o ike ala tawa jan ante kepeken nimi ike anu wile pakala. jan lawa li ken pini e utala kama.

3️⃣ Keep everything safe for work (not inappropriate), including graphic sexual or violent content.

There are no NSFW areas or channels. Try to mark content that is within the rules but potentially triggering or anxiety-inducing with a content warning (CW), and use ||spoiler text|| like so if speaking in a public area of the server. For more information, type ... cws in #jaki.

sitelen en nimi ali o pona o jo ala e unpa mute e utala mute. ona li ken kama pilin ike la, o toki e ni kepeken nimi CW. o kepeken sitelen ||ni|| tan ni: jan li wile ala la, jan li ken lukin ala. o len e sitelen moku. sina wile sona mute la, o toki ... cws lon tomo #jaki.

4️⃣ Do not advertise other communities, servers, or groups without permission from the moderators (jan lawa and/or jan pali).

sina wile pana sona pi kulupu ante la, o toki tawa jan lawa anu jan pali.

5️⃣ Keep topics in their designated channels.

Make sure off-topic content is within ANTE and spam in #jaki. You can gain access to the ANTE category in #poki-jan (once you have entered the server).

toki ali o lon tomo pona. o awen e ijo pi toki pona ala lon tomo pi #ijo-ante. o awen e toki ilo e toki pi suli ala lon tomo #jaki.