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Basically we were discussing the next issue of uta monsuta in the uta monsuta Discord and we thought a good way to get the word out would be to do a short presentation on the first issue on suno pi toki pona. We'll talk briefly about the zine, do a dramatic reading of a story from it, and then unveil the second issue and say we're looking for submissions [copied from discord]

Further details: We will prerecord a presentation in mixed toki pona and English explaining what the zine is. kulupu Eki will read the English portion and I will read the toki pona portion. I will then do a live reading of a story from the zine, "uta", with the text of the story onscreen so people who are HOH or have poor listening comprehension can follow more easily.

2022 August 6 - 20:45
15 min
🔊 supa suli
toki musi

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