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from Ma Toki Pona VR

I have been with the Toki Pona community for nearly a year now, having joined in summer 2021 just before Ku dropped. A few months ago I began visiting and working with the VR community as well, and hope to introduce this new learning medium to more people.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

There are many nasin pi toki pona defined by the community. Some are expressly defined by the use of new words, and others are defined by rejecting parts of nasin pu. Further, there are exploratory nasin in use by a very small number of speakers, understandable to open-minded toki pona speakers but obscure nonetheless.

I will present on the differences in toki pona given the following nasin:

  • jon't: a reduction or complete rejection of the word jo, as compared to pu.
  • pin't: a complete rejection of the word pi in favor of using more statements for description.
  • anun't: a rejection of anu for sentence structure, disallowing anu use outside of "anu seme"; it cannot be used to connect verbs or objects, for example.
  • transitive prepositions: using a prepositional phrase in the verb position, together with an object that prep phrase applies to

I have not run a test presentation yet; if there is sufficient time, I would also explore the following nasin:

  • preverbn't: no use of preverbs. Explore this by comparing the use of open/pini preverbs to not using them, then go from there.
  • jan't: no use of jan, or at least not for yourself. Many speakers are not jan!
  • min't: no use of mi, and maybe not sina either. Always referencing speaker/listener in third person!

This presentation would come with a disclaimer at the start: these lessons aren't intended as nasin nanpa wan! This is exploratory, to understand how some speakers use toki pona if you encountered it.

2022 August 6 - 22:30
30 min
🔊 supa suli
toki sona

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