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I have been with the Toki Pona community for nearly a year now, having joined in summer 2021 just before Ku dropped. A few months ago I began visiting and working with the VR community as well, and hope to introduce this new learning medium to more people.

No video of the event yet, sorry!

One of the first major hurdles a new learner to Toki Pona faces is expressing ideas with the languages limited vocabulary. Having memorized the vocabulary and successfully understood simple sentences, a learner begins to explore the world around them using Toki Pona. However, many learners get stuck in the idea that concepts which are single words or short phrases in their parent language should be expressed in a single grammatical position in Toki Pona. This lesson is intended to dispell that notion, replacing it: proper toki pona expresses ideas most powerfully in simple parts, and complex phrases building into single sentences are less approachable than multiple simple sentences consecutively.

This lesson would be progressive, beginning with expressing some of the nimi ku suli and popular nimi ku lili given only the nimi pu (jasima, lanpan, majuna for example), and moving on to more advanced ideas such as expressing differences between species of tree, describing the inner functionings of a computer, and more as time allows.

This lesson is intended to be accessible to beginners, so it will be primarily given in English, since the majority of new learners are English speakers. However, there will be expressions in Toki Pona, intermixed with "toki ponglish" renditions of those sentences.

The plan is to hold this presentation within VRChat, after the introduction to the project babel and ma toki pona vr community. If that turns out to not be possible, I will host my presentation outside the game.

2022 August 6 - 20:15
30 min
🔊 supa suli
toki sona

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