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Hello! I started the Ma Toki Pona VR community for speaking Toki Pona in VRChat! o kama pona!

Background: For months, Ma Toki Pona VR has been hosting weekly events in VRChat for learning Toki Pona. During these events, participants share social context through a spatial environment. This works well for learning as an alternative to text/voice-only mediums like Discord! Our weekly meetups welcome all; complete beginners are encouraged to join!

Meetup schedule: 15 minutes after opening, we hold announcements. Then jan Kekan San gives a half-hour lesson. Then we go play a game while speaking Toki Pona. Then we go to a museum world to use Toki Pona in a more realistic environment.

Once a month, we hold a joint meetup with Projekto Babel, a multilingual community based in Japan. During these meetups, we use Toki Pona as a bridge between English and Japanese!

Proposal: For Suno pi Toki Pona, the Ma Toki Pona VR and Projekto Babel communities are inviting viewers to watch the stream in VRChat. We are building a venue world to hang out in and watch the stream. During the stream, we'd like 15 minutes to introduce our community. We would also like to hold other panels streamed from VRChat. These panels will be submitted as additional proposals. (These have been submitted by jan Kekan San.)

Limitations: VRChat maps are limited to 80 users. The VRChat venue will be designed for the Quest for hardware accessibility. No VR equipment is required, but the in-game live stream only works on Windows. Participants may stream the event if they choose.

2022 August 6 - 07:00
15 min
🔊 supa suli
toki musi

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