suno pi toki pona: toki pona day 2024
10 Aug 05:27 UTC - 11 Aug 05:27 UTC

toki, jan ale o! suno pi toki pona li kama!

this year, toki pona day will be from 10 Aug 05:27 UTC to 11 Aug 05:27 UTC, on a weekend. well, what is toki pona day?

suno pi toki pona, also known as toki pona day, is a yearly toki pona event held on ma pona pi toki pona, started in 2021. on this day (a whole 24 hours of it!), we come together to celebrate toki pona and the community :) (we are moving it forward this year so that it can be on a weekend, where everyone is free.)

the event consists of a main track show, 24-hour stream in one of the discord voice channels in ma pona pi toki pona, mirrored on various other platforms such as youtube and twitch, filled with performances, talks, games, and presentations. the schedule will be available closer to the actual event.

hope you're excited for toki pona day!