suno pi toki pona: toki pona day 2022
6 Aug 05:27 UTC - 7 Aug 05:27 UTC

Hello everyone!

The 8th of August is the birth date of Toki Pona. This year, we wanted to organise online event/concert/live show/celebration.

We have had the following activities planned:

The event has been a huge success. Many of you showed up, and we couldn't be happier that you did. You can see a playlist of the event on YouTube (it's still being updated with new videos). Thank you for the interest in the event, and see you next year!

toki, jan ale o!

tenpo suno nanpa luka tu wan pi tenpo mun nanpa luka tu wan li suno pi toki pona. tenpo sike ni la, mi wile pali e ijo suli lon ma pona.

ijo ni li lon:

suno pi toki pona li lon. ona li pona mute. sina mute li lon - ni li pona mute a! sina ken lukin e ijo ale lon ijo Jutu (awen la sitelen sin li kama). sina pona tan kama sina. o kama sin lon tenpo sike kama!